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Laurie Lasky M.S.W., Director

Are you looking for home-based childcare that's nurturing, responsible and experienced? If your child is between the ages of 1 and 3, Little Feet Daycare may be a perfect fit.

Little Feet Daycare – Dedicated to the Growth and Development of Your Child

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"Two of my grandchildren attended Little Feet at a time of great upheaval in their lives. Dylan was 15 mos and Kayleigh, 2 yrs. The home setting, the play yard, and the incredible love and nurture that Laurie and her staff provided was just what these kids needed. Laurie provides a diverse program and focuses on the needs of the individual child. Kayleigh is an avid artist and learned a lot about process and techniques and materials thanks to Laurie taking the time to nurture Kayleigh's love of art. Dylan was and is all boy, although he never misses a chance at the art table. At that age he was acquiring language, learning how to use his body and to speak up for himself. Laurie and her staff provided a nourishing and loving environment for all this to develop. Their older brother was also welcomed into the group at pick-up time. This is an exceptional experience for any child lucky enough to attend."
-Margaret S.

My husband and I are incredibly happy that we chose to send our son to Little Feet Daycare. Even before I met Laurie, I knew that we were going to love this place - just from speaking with her on the phone. My son loves it there, and has developed tremendously in the 5 months since he began attending - so much that picking him up is difficult because he would stay there all night if he could. The quality of care is just above and beyond - the staff is amazing, attentive, and incredibly loving. The kids learn great social skills - every morning when I bring my son in they come to greet him and bring him toys. The food is healthy, which is a huge plus. I love the fact that they have a big private yard and the kids get to go out and play a lot. I could go on and on, but mostly I'm just thankful that I get to drop my son off every day in a safe and wonderful environment that he enjoys so much!
- Sharon G.

I highly recommend Little Feet Day Care. Our son is very happy there since day one and we have seen tremendous developments in him. Laurie and her staff work with us closely on teaching him important skills like self-feeding, getting dressed, potty training and communications. This is his first time going to a day care environment and he speaks very little English at the beginning. The atmosphere is very multicultural and encouraging, so he has no problem adapting and forming the most wonderful friendships at this early age. As parents, we appreciate the personal communications from Laurie (we literally get hundreds of photos every week) so we feel we are still very involved. My son enjoys the attached playground and the healthy meals and snacks served. They provide a variety of group activities like artwork, music, cooking, gardening for kids to participate but respect their individual choices. It has been an amazing experience for all of us!
- Diana T.

My son has been going to Little feet since July, 2012 and it has been a wonderful journey thus far. Laurie and her staff are very attentive and loving to the children at Little feet. My son has made tremendous progress under the guidance of the teachers and I have seen the most positive changes in him. The attached playground is a big plus. The atmosphere is warm and homely with a small bunch of parents who know one another.The activities right from music to art to gardening is unique because Laurie puts a lot of thought in to her projects. She spends time and assesses the needs of each child.She knows how to bring out the best in each of them and that is only one of the nicest things about Little feet.I have only the nicest things to say of Little feet. It is everything you want for your child. Positive, warm,nurturing and encouraging.I would highly recommend Little feet and I am glad my son found a place here.
– Roshni H.

Little Feet Day Care is an excellent day care. It is small enough to feel like a family and large enough to support social development. We were quite impressed with the level of structured activities that ranged from music class and art projects to developmentally appropriate learning games mixed in with free play. Our daughter went there for two years and loved it! In fact, it was hard to get her to leave at the end of the day!
- Deborah L.

My son attended Little Feet for two years and had a very positive experience. Laurie is a wonderfully caring and knowledgeable childcare practitioner, and she is highly selective about the staff that she hires. Children get everything they need at Little Feet--a supportive environment, creative activities, outdoor exercise, naps, and even home-cooked meals and snacks. Choosing a family daycare rather than a large daycare center really gives what the name implies--a sense of family, and personalized care that treats every child as an individual.
– Sara F.

We LOVE Little Feet Daycare. My daughter does too! She is now two years old and has thrived under Laurie and her helpers' care. Every day, she gets to play outside in their private playground with all sorts of climbing structures and toys, and each day she brings home a new art or crafts project. She can also snuggle with their gentle, loving golden retriever. A terrific experience. Warm, nurturing and 100% trustworthy care givers.

We looked at many options before choosing Little Feet. We knew we did not want the sterile, disconnected environment of a corporate daycare, and we absolutely didn't want our children walking to an urban playground on a leash. Laurie Lasky is caring and experienced, and her gentle dog, Sadie, provided a fabulous opportunity for my girls to overcome their fear of dogs. Little Feet offered my family a warm, cozy environment on a quiet residential street with a fabulous, private, fenced in playground/backyard.

I am so grateful for Little Feet and the loving environment they have created. My daughter started there unable to walk and spoke very little. In a few short months, she is now running, climbing and talking up a storm. She not only loves to play with all the other children, but the staff as well. She has thrived in the Little Feet program and we are fortunate to be a part of it.

I loved Little Feet and so did my daughter. She never wanted to leave and had a blast with Sadie and Alex (Laurie's son, who is on staff). This was my first experience with out of the home childcare and you could not have asked for a better place. I had peace of mind and the pleasure of seeing my daughter blossom and develop a lifelong friendship.
-Jami L

My son loved Little Feet, and we still talk about it even now that he's a collegebound young man! Laurie was his first teacher and to this day he loves to learn--she certainly got him off to a great start. She showed incredible sensitivity towards his quiet, quirky nature. She knew just when to push a little harder to encourage him to join the fray, and when to leave him alone to "catch his breath." She nurtured the gentle and cerebral side that matched his comfort zone while also helping him expand his range into more boisterous play with the other children. She always made sure that all the kids spent lots of time with wonderful books, excellent toys, great art activities and fun outdoor excursions. I'm convinced the thoughtful, nuanced, affectionate care Laurie and her lovely staff provided my son at the ages of two and three formed part of what helped him become the very happy, easygoing, smart, athletic and social fellow he is today.

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